Indoor plants - page 3

Plants for the house! Whether absent-minded or intently caring, you can welcome plants at home for that exotic feeling or to purify the air.

Pilea, a trendy, stylish plant

Pilea peperomioides, also called “Chinese money plant”, is a very ornamental plant which is ideal in designer settings.

Caladium, powerfully colorful leafage

A very fragile plant that is difficult to grow, Caladium makes our houses and apartments look lively with its elevated ornamental impact and unique foliage.

Peperomia, a plant noted for its foliage

Peperomia is a tropical plant used indoors and in apartments. It is very much appreciated for its foliage, which is extremely varied depending to the species and in every case amazingly ornamental.

Succulents, delicious eye-candy!

These fleshy plants with surprising geometric shapes have everything you could wish for in a plant since they’re so beautiful and easy to care for. It’s pretty clear why they’re so trendy!

Cambria, a superb orchid

The growing of the Cambria orchid is known to be quite straightforward even if a few rules are needed to have nice flowers and extend the flowering.
orchidee cambria

Repotting orchids

Repotting an orchid is an important step in the life cycle of the plant. You don’t just naturally know how to repot it. After having bloomed well, your orchid
orchidee rempotage
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